Best haircut for oval face male

An oval face shape is considered the gold standard for men’s haircuts. Its balanced proportions mean you have the most versatility when it comes to choosing a style. Whether you prefer short, sleek, or something with more volume, there’s an oval-friendly haircut out there to flatter your features.

Here’s a rundown of some of the top cuts to consider:

Best haircut for oval face male

Classics with a Modern Twist:

The crew cut and the side part are timeless styles that work exceptionally well with oval faces. A crew cut can be short and clean-cut, or you can add a modern touch with a faded neckline and sides.

The side part offers similar versatility, allowing you to play with the depth of the part and the length on top. For a more textured look, ask your barber for a side part with a choppy or messy finish.

Short on Time, Big on Style:

Busy guys will appreciate the low-maintenance appeal of a buzz cut. This short, all-over cut is perfect for those who want a no-fuss hairstyle. For a touch of individuality, consider a faded buzz cut, where the hair gradually gets shorter on the sides and back.

Channel Your Inner Icon:

If you’re looking for a haircut with a bit more personality, there are plenty of options. The pompadour, a classic style popularized by Elvis Presley, adds height and volume to the top of the head. The quiff, another iconic style, features hair swept upwards and forward for a sharp, polished look.

Embrace Your Texture:

Men with curly or wavy hair can rock a short afro or a textured crop. A short afro keeps the sides trimmed while allowing the curls on top to flourish. A textured crop is a versatile option that can be styled messy or sleek, depending on your preference.

Finding Your Perfect Cut:

Ultimately, the best haircut for you will depend on your personal style, hair type, and desired level of maintenance. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a cut that makes you feel confident. A good barber can help you choose a style that flatters your face shape and hair texture, and give you tips on how to style it at home.